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Advantage Sports
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Team conditioining for hockey, soccer, football and running

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For sports teams who want a competitive edge, Advantage Sports offers team conditioning programs for all sports at all levels. Team conditioning helps build confidence in individual athletes as well as teams. Unlike personal training programs that only focus on improving an individual, Advantage Sports team conditioning experts focus on athletic programs that increases the level of play or at which a team plays.

Advantage Sports has team conditioning trainers that specialize in soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball, and football. Whether your team is a minor, novice, intermediate or expert, team training programs are goal orientated and designed specifically for your team’s skill level. Programs are available for males and females at all age levels.

Team conditioning exercise programs focus on several areas including:

Strength and Power: Drills will help teams to increase both maximal force production and the rate of force development which are both integral in improving speed.

Speed Training: Exercise programs include both assisted and resisted speed training that helps improve stride frequency to increase team speed.

Agility Training: Programs are designed to improve direction change, stopping ability, speed and dexterity.

Balance and Coordination: Team exercises focus on balance and coordination to increase the level of skill at which the game is played.

Aerobic Endurance: Training exercises and activities focus on improving the supply of oxygen to large muscle groups enabling a team to increase the level at which they play.

Flexibility: Improving flexibility through proper stretching exercise not only makes a better athlete but helps reduce and prevent injuries.

Plyometrics: Team training programs are designed to produce fast, powerful movements and develop the nervous system. Programs focus on improving the team’s power output levels.

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All conditioning programs are carried out at the Harry Ainlay High School Fitness Centre. To learn more visit the contact page.

Harry Ainlay High School Ahtletics

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